Banana Blasters are individually packaged flavorings for bananas. The flavorings are granular in form and the banana is dipped into the hand held portion cup. The soft texture of the banana and it's moisture content holds a layer (correct amount) of the flavoring upon withdrawal from the flavoring cup.

Banana Blasters are packaged three flavors to a carrier container. The flavors may be "Cinnamon Graham", "Chocolate Chips" and "Nutz Nutz Nutz". Other fruit and allied flavorings can be added to this product line. Banana Blasters encourage healthy snacking, a key idea in current successful snack products. It makes a great lunchbox item.

Banana Blasters is a versatile product that can be sold in several venues, including supermarkets at the banana display, coffee shops at the morning banana basket, health food stores, and possibly fast food chains.